Healthy hair in 9 Steps

Healthy hair in 9 Steps

This recipe regenerates the hair from the root to the ends and works with all hair types. You need to follow just these nine steps.

1.Massage of the head is very important in this process. On clean hair washed with shampoo, put a towel to dry the hair, then massage the scalp (skin of the head) with distilled vinegar for 15 minutes. Vigorously rub with the fingertips. It takes you approximately one cup of vinegar.

2. Do not rinse. After the massage, take a tablespoon of rosemary (which otherwise is using for improving hair growth) and massage the head. If you have thick hair, add another tbsp of rosemary. It has been proven that the oil of rosemary stimulates hair follicles, so if the follicles are healthy, the hair will be also healthy. Still do not rinse your hair!

3. Once you have massaged the hair roots and have improved circulation, take coconut oil and moisten your hands.

4. Gently apply the coconut oil with your hands from the ends toward the root of the hair, but not exactly to the root, but some 5 inches to it. Do not apply too much of coconut oil on your hands, because it will be difficult to rinse. Coconut oil is better than olive because it better penetrates into the hair.

5. Use a shower cap and sleep with all that you have put on the head. You may feel a slight tingling in your head, but it will be also refreshed.

6. At the morning gently wash your hair with shampoo, but do not use hair conditioner.





7. Repeat this process two to three times a week, depending on how much your hair is damaged.

8. Apply this treatment at least one month and for a maximum of 6 months and the follicles will be regenerated, and the hair more elastic.





9. Cut your hair with the help of a hairdresser, in order to remove the flowering ends. You can still use products for hair during this treatment, but the hair will be elastic and healthy also without them. Dispose of expensive hair care products and simply try this treatment.